FitSpiration: Karina Bensemann


Karina Bensemann




Hydrographic Survey Engineer / Group Fitness Instructor / Surfing Instructor

Tell me more:

Oh, you mean you don't know what a Hydrographic Survey Engineer is? Good. Neither do we. Karina teaches group fitness at Fitness 360, Aviation Club and surfing at Surf Dubai.

Top training tips:

Different strokes for different folks! I would recommend training for a reason, and that doesn’t mean just to lose weight. Have a lifestyle goal - that could be to learn a new sport & thus join a sports team or learn to surf. This helps you to stay focused, and when motivation is low, it’s easy to to pick up a positive mindset the next day. Get out there and get involved. Try things out that inspire you – don’t sit back and watch people live, AND DON’T be shy. Everybody starts somewhere, so just start!

What is a key factor in helping you to stay motivated?

When motivation is low for me, I need to step outside the walls & look around me – nature is usually the key. When you see other people or nature living, growing and moving, that gives you a natural energy and lust for life.

Last words of wisdom:

No matter what your fitness struggle is – injury, weight, family commitments – it’s all going to be better in time if you take some time to play and achieve something each day in the direction of your goal/s. Train hard and be consistent. It's better to do something active each day, even if it's small. Also, enjoy what you are doing! Explore your own physical and mental prowess – see what you react positively to and enjoy doing. You are an individual and you are an inspiration.